(English) Half – year in Japan.

Hello everyone, this is Sun, who is the first time to come to Japan. I’ll show you the wonderful time I experienced here.

At 2nd April, I come to Japan alone. With getting down the airplane stopped at Fukuoka airport, I finally arrived the country which I’ve never been in. At first I was very nervous for the unknown environment as you know, different culture and foreign local people and of cause, another language. But later, thanks to these kindly seniors I quickly become familiar with here, the laboratory, the daily life, the city, and so on.

And to my surprise, at the second day I come here, professor and laboratory members celebrated my birthday together. Maybe one years ago I would never expect that I will enjoy my birthday party in another country!

Actually we have many events here, such as drinking party, academic presentations and travelling. What’s more, we will have our softball match in this weekend. Every time I enjoyed myself with others, we drank a lot, we ate a lot and we also talked a lot. I’m very happy to talk about my interesting experience in China with everyone or listen to others’ stories about their life in other country which is quite fresh to me. Besides, once we even play soccer together. Soccer is one of my favourite sports and that day everyone of us enjoy ourselves, I also didn’t stop until my legs can not support my body well. And then in the evening we had barbecue, Thai students cooked some delicious Thai food as well. I had many spicy food which is hard to find elsewhere. What a perfect day! I would never forgot that day filled with happiness.

Opposite to this, we have many academic meeting as well. Normally we will visit another city to to take part in a meeting which gathered many laboratory from different universities. Once we went to Shimabara for the Talk-in. There many students shown their research results and after that, we talked with each other (from different schools and countries) about any topic we want in the party. Second day, after the meeting finished, we travel to Nagasaki to see some views which only this city have.

After 3 months I’ve been here, there was an examination for me to become a master student. Normally in workdays I learn to use ANSYS to simulate the fluid situation. To pass the examination, I have to show both the knowledge from the university in China and what I’ve learned in these three months. As the first time to presentation, it’s quite difficult to me. However, thanks to many seniors and professor’s help, I prepared well. They helped me to find out some mistakes and gave me many good advises. So at last I pass the exam successfully.

I’m very happy to join in these events! During it I learned a lot and I want to say thanks to everyone. This weekend we will have a softball match and I will try my best! Let’s have fun in it, good luck!